Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Lake Norman, NC

With our commercial carpet cleaning service in Lake Norman, NC, we’ll prolong the life of the carpeting in your workspace.

Your business needs more than carpet cleaning – you also need help prolonging the life of your carpet and the investment you madeContact Bigg Time Carpet Cleaning for all your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs in it. At Bigg Time Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, our long-term commercial
carpet cleaning
service can help. We offer the following options:

  • Interim cleaning—In every workplace, there are high-traffic areas that accumulate dirt at a rapid rate. With our interim commercial carpet cleaning service, we extend the life of your carpet and make cleaning it faster and easier.
  • Spot cleaning—When unwanted spots show up on your carpet, they deserve extra attention. We use effective spot cleaning solutions that eliminate stains quickly without damaging your carpet’s fibers.
  • Deodorization—We neutralize odors by targeting them and getting rid of them at the source. When we’re done, your carpets will emit a fresh, clean scent your entire staff will enjoy.

We understand that as a business owner, you simply don’t have the time to make sure that your carpets are getting cleaned and staying clean. We can make things easier by putting your business in Lake Norman, North Carolina on a regular schedule that includes interim cleaning, spot cleaning, deodorization, and whatever else you need.

If you’re ready to keep your workplace’s carpets looking great without all of the hassle, get in touch with us at Bigg Time Carpet & Upholstery today to find out more about our commercial carpet cleaning service. You can count on us to provide you with excellent service and unbeatable cleaning solutions.