Carpet Cleaning Company, Lake Norman, NC

Clean beyond expectations from the best carpet cleaning company in Lake Norman.

Carpet Cleaning Company in Lake Norman, North Carolina
When you are in the need of a carpet cleaning company for your Lake Norman, North Carolina home or business, what is the most important to you? If you said experience, effectiveness, honesty, and fair pricing, you will be happy to learn that our team at Bigg Time Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning fits all your criteria.

  • Experience – We have 25 years of experience as a professional carpet cleaning company. That, along with various certifications, ensures you can expect the very best experience possible.
  • Effectiveness – We can successfully tackle any carpet condition, including pet stains and odor removal. We get below the surface, so stains and odors do not return. We’ll get your carpets clean beyond your expectations!
  • Honesty – You can count on us to tell you if your carpet is beyond restoring, rather than pay for cleaning only to be dissatisfied with the result. We have a proven track record for restoring when possible, but we won’t waste our time or yours if that just isn’t feasible.
  • Fair Pricing – You can expect a price that is fair and has no hidden costs. We charge by the area and let you know upfront what is considered one area. We also do not charge extra for stairs – up to 12 stairs is considered one area, just like any other area in pricing. Also, unlike other places, our carpet cleaning company does not charge a travel fee.

When you want a carpet cleaning company in the Lake Norman area that holds itself to the highest standards for cleaning and customer appreciation, your only real choice is Bigg Time Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. We are highly experienced, exceptionally effective, and honest, and we have straightforward pricing you can depend on. Call us today and let us show you that were the BEST!